Pontoon Boat Maintenance Tips

Maintaining your pontoon boat may seem intimidating but remember this: prevention is key. Proper maintenance of your pontoon boat can prevent much unwanted damage such as corrosion. By following the suggestions below you will add years to the life of your boat and avoid unwanted spending in repairs. Still, you will want to have your boat periodically checked out by your dealer to make sure that it is running at top performance.

  1. The boat should be covered when not in use to prevent sun fading and critter access. We recommend having your boat shrink wrapped by your dealer during the winter months. Inside storage would insure the greatest preservation of quality. Mooring covers should not be used for winter storage.
  2. Pontoons should be checked regularly for dents or leaks.  Any problems should be dealt with immediately by contacting your dealer.  See below for tips on fixing a leaking pontoon.
  3. If the boat is used in salt water, the engine should be flushed after each use. Also, make sure to thoroughly clean the bottom of your boat periodically to prevent salt build-up.
  4. The boat decking should be scrubbed with a non-skid cleaning solution.
  5. The boat should be waxed every few months for maximum quality preservation.

If there is water in your pontoons:

Pontoons can sometimes incur minor damage simply from regular use.  Bumping a rock, log, or other piece of debris can cause minor leaks that may not be apparent at first.  However, these leaks can cause the pontoons to take on water slowly but surely.  This water will weigh down the boat, decrease performance, put unnecessary strain on the engine, and increase fuel consumption.  If you notice your boat sitting lower in the water, or one pontoon sitting significantly lower than the other, there is a good chance that there is water in one or more pontoon. Please note that you may notice one pontoon sitting slightly lower than the other when your gas tank is filled. This is normal.

Every Avalon pontoon boat has drain plugs equipped in the bottom of each pontoon.  The plugs usually sit below water level which means lifting the boat and draining the water.  It is very important that you also address the source of the leak.  This may require taking your boat to your dealer (or authorized aluminum repair shop) as the pontoons may need welding in order to re-seal.

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