Types of Pontoon Boats

Types of Pontoon Boats - Which is Best for You?

You’ve decided you’re ready to purchase a pontoon boat. Great! You’ve only just started the journey, though: the next phase is figuring out which model is best for you.

There are plenty of types of pontoon boats out there that make the most of the watercraft’s versatility. No matter how you want to spend your time on the water, there’s a pontoon for you.

Let’s look closely at the various pontoon boat models available and who might want to buy them.

Pontoon Types


2020 Avalon Catalina Versatile Rear Lounger on the water

Lounging boats allow your passengers to stretch out. They feature multiple seats that look a bit like chaise lounges. A lounging pontoon offers a chance to relax and sunbathe.

Seating on lounging models can vary. Some loungers fold back into bench seating, allowing you to fit in more passengers. Most also have cup holders, armrests, and other accessories to maximize comfort.

If you’re looking to spend your boat trips relaxing with your friends and family, a lounging model is for you.

The most popular lounge options available through Avalon include:

Quad Seating

A pontoon boat speeding through flat waters.

A quad seating layout means the boat has two seating areas at the front and back. A narrow walkway connects the two, and the driver sits in a small slot in the middle.

This layout maximizes the seating area- great if you have a large family or do a lot of entertaining. Or, if you’re more into sunbathing, there’s usually enough space for four adults to spread out and catch some rays.

The seating lounges on this kind of boat are enclosed with higher walls, making this option a safer choice for young kids and pets.

The most popular quad seating options available through Avalon include:


Avalon Venture 85 Rear Fish on the water

Most pontoon boats are ideal for fishing. They’re comfortable to ride long distances in, and they’re also very sturdy.

A fishing pontoon offers features that make casting a reel even easier. Two stand-alone fishing chairs at one end of the boat let you bring a friend or child to share the experience. Rod holders and tackle holders keep your hands free.

This type of boat should also feature a livewell, a depth finder, and a trolling motor. These little features and gadgets will help make sure you don’t return to the dock empty-handed.

The most popular fishing options available through Avalon include:

Twin Engines

Avalon Excalibur Pontoon Boat on the water

If feeling the lake wind on your face at high speeds is a big purchase consideration, a twin-engine pontoon is the right choice for you! The best high-speed twin-engine boats can clock close to 60 miles, as fast as a car on the freeway.

These boats are often built with a lower center of gravity for maximum buoyancy. That makes twin-engine pontoons easier to handle, even when moving at top speed.

The general layout of a pontoon boat makes it easy to fit several adults into most twin-engine models. If you’re planning on covering long distances in your boat or using it on a large lake, a twin-engine pontoon boat might be for you!

Many different Avalon pontoon boat models have twin-engine as an option, including:

Double Decker

Family enjoying the Avalon Catalina Cruise Double Decker Funship.

A double-decker model offers a full deck below with a partial deck above. This second deck provides welcome shade for guests below, but it can also offer plenty of fun to the partiers above!

Many double-decker models have a separate lounge, which is ideal for guests who want a better view. Many also come with a water slide (or even two!) from the upper deck. Older kids and adults alike can have a blast sliding down into the water.

Due to its height, you may need a special storage option for a double-decker pontoon boat. The upper deck also raises the center of gravity, which can make handling trickier, especially for newer captains.

The most popular double-decker options available through Avalon include:


Two kids circling a pontoon boat on their mini jet skis.

While most pontoons have aluminum tubes and panels, some types of pontoon boats have fiberglass ones. Fiberglass offers more panel strength and a sleek look. They also hold up better in saltwater and are quieter.

Fiberglass is heavier than aluminum and also more expensive. But if you’re looking for an ultimate sea fishing boat or just want your boat to look really cool, fiberglass might be for you.

The most popular fiberglass options available through Avalon include:


Friends enjoy a ride on the Avalon Catalina Entertainer Pontoon.

If you’re planning on hosting parties or like to offer your guests more than a cooler full of drinks, an entertaining pontoon boat might be more your speed. These models can come equipped with bars, sinks, ample seating, and even fridges and grills.

These models are typically built with sitting areas around the edges to maximize the number of people you can fit on board. Storage compartments may also be hidden to maximize space.

While these types of pontoons can be pricier than others, you’re sure to impress your friends when you get an entertaining boat!

The most popular entertaining options available through Avalon include:


Friends enjoy the luxury Avalon Excalibur Elite

While luxury is in the eye of the beholder, these pontoons are built to impress, offering the best materials and deluxe specifications. You can expect features like a high-quality sound system with multiple speakers, sumptuous padded seating, and trendy mood lighting.

In addition to high-quality materials, you can expect ample options for customization when you order a luxury pontoon. And for the captain, features like a GPS and touchscreen dash can make cruising a breeze.

If budget is not a concern for you and you are looking for all of the high-end features available, luxury pontoons may be the right option for you.

The most popular luxury options available through Avalon include:


A cruising boat is a little bit of everything that makes pontoons so great. You can check out the scenery with friends and go fast enough to get some spray in your hair. Activities are limitless, from waterskiing (if you have an engine over 70 HP) to casual fishing.

A good cruising model will offer plenty of bench seating throughout most of the boat, letting you carry a crowd if you need to. Or, your passengers can stretch out and soak up the sun if there aren’t as many.

If you’re looking for a pontoon boat with maximum flexibility, a cruising model is for you.

The most popular cruising options available through Avalon include:

The Best Pontoons for Any Lifestyle

One of the best things about the various types of pontoon boats is that there are options for anyone. Whether you’re an avid fisherman, a party animal, or both, your perfect pontoon is out there. Keep this guide in mind when you head out to buy your boat, and make sure to test drive a few models before deciding on your dream vessel.