Fishing Pontoon Boats

Fishing pontoon boats from Avalon offer the luxuries you expect with the tools and technology to give you the fishing trip of a lifetime every time you step into your pontoon boat. Our floor plans are specifically designed for fishermen to make all your fishing trips successful and more enjoyable.

All of our fishing pontoon boats are manufactured with the highest quality while still being affordable. Learn more about our various boats and layouts below to find the pontoon boat that’s right for you! View our testimonials to see why our customers love their Avalon pontoons.

Is your main goal a successful fishing trip? Look no further than our GS Quad Fish boats, which feature four fishing chairs in both the bow and aft. You can cruise through the water, and everyone will have a comfortable place of their own to throw their rod!

If you want to enjoy a pontoon boat cruise but may want to get some fishing in as well, the GS Rear Fish boats combine the best of both worlds with a comfortable seating area in the mid-portion of the boat and two fishing chairs in the back. Whether your passengers are fishing or just relaxing, they’ll have the perfect spot to enjoy the trip.

Want to focus on fishing and nothing else all trip? You’ll love the GS Center Console fish boats. You’ll ride and fish in style with luxury features such as a fiberglass center console, rod holders, storage box, and four-point fishing stations. You’ll never want to go fishing another way again!

Balance out the desire for a great fishing set up with enough space to relax when you choose our Venture Quad Fish boats. Both the 16 and 18 ft models feature four fishing stations and rod holders, so the whole crew can spread out and focus on the day’s catches.

If you have some riders who want to fish and some who just want to enjoy the open water, the Venture Rear Fish is a perfect solution. Offering two fishing chairs and enough space to lounge when not fishing, this is the best solution for a long, lazy day on the water.

Everyone has different fishing preferences — for the fisherman who prefers to throw his rod at the front of the boat, we have the Venture Bow Fish boats with fishing chairs in the bow area. Your other passengers can still enjoy lounge space, just as at the back of the boat.

Don’t feel like you have to pick between fishing and cruising. With the Venture Fish n Cruise, you can have it all thanks to the four fishing chairs spread between the bow and rear and the central furnished area perfect for lounging. Plus, there’s enough space for everyone to spread out.

Add some fishing to the bow of your cruising pontoon. CBF has two fishing chairs in the bow area of the pontoon outside of the front walls. The aft portion of the pontoon contains a rear corner seating area and two sundecks.

Like the LSZ Quad Fish but with a flipped setup, the LSZ Rear Fish boats feature two rotating fishing chairs in the aft part of the boat, separate from the large lounge area throughout the rest of the boat. You’ll still get the advantages of rod holders and livewell but won’t take away from the experience of non-fishers.

Sometimes, cruising takes a backseat to the fishing, but you still want the option to throw a rod out if you’re in the mood. These extra-large Catalina Quad Fish boats offer plenty of room for any adventure. You’ll get a full suite of fishing features, including livewell, rod holders, fishfinder, and rotating chairs at both front and back, as well as a full lounge area with corner seating for those who prefer to sit back and relax.

If you don’t need four fishing chairs and would prefer a bit of extra lounge space, opt for the Catalina Rear Fish boats. There’s still plenty of space in the rear to fish off the two rotating chairs (with livewell, rod holders, and fishfinder), while the entire front end of the boat is dedicated to several corner seating options.

Is a Fishing Pontoon Boat Right For Me?

There are several benefits to choosing a fishing pontoon boat over a standard fishing boat. If you’re a fisherman that is looking for more comfort when fishing, stability in the cruise, and extra space for fellow riders, you should highly consider making a fishing pontoon boat your next fishing purchase. 

Fishing boats are typically small and crowded, but a pontoon offers plenty of elbow room and even space to sun or fit in a quick nap between catches. You can bring along more fishermen or invite your family and friends to join, as it’s comfortable enough for a small group.

Their wider, flatter nature also makes pontoon boats more stable in the water, especially with several people in the boat. Although they are larger, pontoon boats still offer simple maneuverability and easy docking capabilities to make the day a breeze from start to finish. 

Features & Options

We offer our customers the option to customize all of our fishing pontoon boats with additional features. These can enhance your fishing experience by building in your most-needed features into the boat itself, leaving more room for your own accessories and belongings.

Some features and add-ons we offer include:

  •   Rod holders: Keep your rods in place when you’re not operating them
  •   Livewell: Holds your catches until weigh-in time, giving them a better chance of survival once released
  •   Rotating Chairs: Get full rotation for greater access to fishing waters
  •   Fishfinder: GPS device to help you locate great fishing areas

Want to find the right fishing pontoon boat for you and get on the water? Learn more by contacting Avalon Pontoon Boats today!