How Much Does a Fishing Boat Cost?

Whether you’re looking for a new venture or want to change your current fishing boat, there are so many options to choose from. The variety of sizes, brands, and features can be overwhelming. This post will focus on fishing boats ranging from small, mid-range, and large fishing boats. 

Small Fishing Boats

Family riding on a blue fishing pontoon boatThere’s a variety of brands in this range you can opt for. Some boats of this class have basic functions, while others have the latest gadgets and amenities. If you’re wondering how much a fishing boat in this range costs, you can expect to pay between $20,000-$30,000.  The final price of a small fishing boat depends on the number of gadgets and features you add. Our VTX Quad Fish and Venture Fish models are small fishing boats that start at $20,000 and $24,790, respectively.

Mid-Range Fishing Boats

Family of 4 inside of a pontoon boat

Mid-range fishing boats often offer more space and amenities than small ones. When searching for boats in this range, you should consider the capacity of the boat, as well as the number of engines you need. Boats that are 24′ and below will have a single engine, and those above will have more. Boats of this size usually cost between $30,000-$50,000. 

Again, the price you’ll pay for a mid-range fishing boat will depend on the gadgets and features within the boat itself.

Our LSZ Rear Fish and GS Fish models are mid-range fishing boats that start at $31,400 and $39,990, respectively.

Large Fishing Boats

This class of boats is usually found to be dominated by people who are not simple hobbyists. These boats can range from costing $50,000 to more than $100,000. While you can add specific special features within this price range, you will tend to find large electronics, outriggers, and a twin-engine.

Our Catalina Rear Fish model is a large fishing pontoon boat that starts at $51,390.

Determining the Best Boat for You

When deciding what the best boat for you is, there are a few factors to consider. These include:

  • Storage Capabilities. How many people do you plan on taking with you? Do you need extra storage space for tools or equipment? This will determine the size and capacity you’ll need.
  • Budget. Your price point will be a defining factor when determining the right boat for you. If you want all the latest gadgets, it will increase your price point significantly.

If you’re looking for a high-quality fishing boat for a reasonable price, check out Avalon’s fishing pontoons. We offer a variety of options for all price points and guarantee you’ll find a vessel that will meet all your fishing needs.  

A pontoon boat provides more comfort and space than a standard fishing boat, so you can bring along more friends and family members to share your trip with. They even feature customizable options such as rod-holders, rotating chairs, and fish finders. It’s hard to believe how reasonably priced they are given the high quality of Avalon’s fishing pontoons.

Whether you’re searching for a small, mid-range, or large boat, you can be sure that by aligning your expectations and budget, you’ll find a boat to meet all of your needs for many fishing trips come.

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