Pontoon Boat Storage Ideas

When you’re trying to enjoy the day, you don’t want to constantly navigate clutter or search endlessly for what you need.

With the right pontoon boat storage systems, you’ll know where everything is. Thankfully, you don’t need to buy every accessory on the market. You can have the perfect organizational system with the right combination of DIY ideas, repurposing everyday items, and a few high-quality investments.

If you’re looking for ideas for how to better organize your pontoon, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled a list of pontoon boat storage ideas so you can worry less about your stuff and focus more on your next water adventure. Read below to learn more.

Storage Pockets

With inattentive driving being the top reason for boating accidents, you need to focus at the helm. This can be difficult when you’re searching everywhere for your sunglasses, hat, or sunscreen. These are items you always want ready to go but somehow always get lost.

A simple way to keep the most frequently used items close to the drive is to have storage pockets. Having a caddy in the cockpit allows any driver to have whatever they may want at a moment’s notice, such as snacks, sunscreen, sunglasses, and more.


Cargo netting is an affordable way to add storage space anywhere for just about anything. No need to worry about items fitting as the net will accommodate any shape it needs to. And with most nets being made of polyester, they are quick-drying—no need to worry if the nets get a good splash.

Use carabiners or hooks to attach the cargo net wherever it can fit. Attach underneath high cabinets, under the roof, and more. This will keep objects off the floor and take up unused space.


A cooler in a white background.Most people go out on a pontoon boat looking to spend several hours or even the entire day enjoying the water and sun. In that amount of time, you’ll want to have some drinks and snacks on hand. But drinks that sit out in the sunlight are always less enjoyable, and food that stays out in the sun for too long can go bad.

Invest in a waterproof, high-quality cooler for your pontoon boat storage. You keep all the food and drinks all together while keeping them cooler. Plus, you can also keep the sunlight and water out of the cooler to avoid contamination.

Fishing Rod Racks

For anyone going out on their boats to get the catch of the day, keeping fishing rods in a safe and convenient location can be tricky. Not only is it convenient to have them in the right spot, but having them in the wrong spot could lead to disaster and possibly broken rods.

If you’re regularly using your pontoon boat for fishing, make sure you have a strong fishing rod rack onboard. Not only should it be sturdy for protecting the rods, but it should also be secured so that it remains steady throughout any journey. Make sure they have strong attachments to either a wall or the ground.

Waterproof Boxes

Riding on a pontoon is not always the driest experience. Most people should expect to get wet when they head out on the water. But that doesn’t mean that everything you take with you on board is something you want to get wet.

This is when having the proper pontoon boat storage for your belongings is essential. And a waterproof storage box is the perfect fix.

Invest in a completely waterproof box. Some boxes even have additional compartments and trays to keep things within the trunk still. This is the perfect solution for protecting any belongings, like cameras or phones, on your boat while you’re on the water.

Tackle Boxes

No matter how big a boat is, clutter can suddenly make any space feel very small. Small items are easy to lose track of and quickly add up to big problems. So, make sure that every item has its place and somewhere to go.

Tackle boxes are an affordable way to keep track of even the smallest pieces. Since they’re designed for fishing, you know that they won’t be damaged by water. They’re also created with small compartments for hooks, bait, and similar pieces.

They may not be the most waterproof, depending on the model. If you want to use one to protect your electronic devices, like your phone, make sure you check out the boxes’ features carefully.

PVC Pipes

PVC pipes are affordable, durable, and versatile. Coming in a range of sizes, you can find PVC DIYs all across the internet. And the possibilities of PVC pipes’ utility for pontoon boat storage are endless.

One of the most popular uses for PVC pipes is to create a holding space for fishing rods and similarly shaped equipment. Large items like rods, paddles, and deck cleaning tools can take up a lot of space and get in the way.

Cut the PVC pipe into small pieces, in half, or any other way imaginable to create an organizing system that perfectly fits your needs.

Waterproof File Folders

Water is the enemy of paper products. But having helpful guides and manuals for your pontoon boat is essential for safety. Being able to reference safety and repair instructions can help in any situation. But how can you keep these files on the boat safely?

Keeping manuals, guides, or essential documents in a waterproof file folder can help. This will keep all the papers together and organized for quick and easy referencing. Fast access is especially important when there’s a problem, and you need answers immediately.

A waterproof folder will also protect your files from any potential splashes and spills. Look for file organizers designed to withstand water or even fire. These are popular for keeping documents safe during disasters at home and work great for aboard a boat.

Keep a Place for Tools

Having necessary repair tools and equipment is vital for safety. If there’s ever a problem, you want to be able to solve it quickly. But it’s also more convenient to have tools handy rather than docking your boat to go get the necessary supplies.

However, keeping your tools aboard can also take up a lot of space if they’re not properly organized. And who wants boat space to go toward boring tools rather than fun features and walking room.

Tool kit boxes are an easy way to keep your tools in the right place. However, you’ll want to make sure there is some waterproofing material so that metal won’t quickly rust onboard. Saltwater, in particular, can corrode your tools. You can also roll up tools in canvas as an easy and affordable fix.

Movable Cup Holders

Cupholders on a pontoon boat above a body of waterYou can spend all your time decluttering so that you have somewhere to keep your drinks and snacks. But then you may just notice that your drink spills and leaves a mess for you to clean up. Avoid the spills and make sure you have cup holders on board.

Cup holders with a clip allow passengers to attach the cup holder to the railing around the boat. This way, you don’t have to spend time looking for available cup holders. It’s easy to see why this is a popular accessory! It keeps drinks where they’re easy to find and won’t spill.

Shoe Organizers

Pontoon boats are known for being able to hold a lot of people on board. This will, of course, depend on the size of the boat, but you could be looking at 12 people coming on deck. And with each person arriving with two pairs of shoes, that’s a lot of shoes that will be clogging up the floor space without the proper organization.

Shoe organizers are a great pontoon boat storage solution for decluttering the ground. Most people come aboard and take off their shoes to enjoy the water. A canvas shoe organizer will keep everyone’s shoes out of the way while everyone enjoys the day.

However, as most shoe organizers are made of polyester and plastic, they make a great addition to a boat, and you don’t have to stop with just shoes.

For example, people can put their personal belongings in these organizers to know they won’t get lost. Family members can store extra bathing suits or towels for the next time they come. Use this for whatever organizational needs you still have.

Conclusion — Finding the Right Pontoon Boat Storage Solutions for You

Depending on how you use your vessel, you may use different pontoon boat storage ideas. Not all of these are perfect for everyone. For example, avid fishing enthusiasts may have different needs than those who just use the boat for gatherings.

First, go through what needs to be kept on your boat and what you use most often. After that, consider the easiest ways to keep them safe, organized, and what options are most affordable. This way, you can create your system by mixing and matching different pontoon boat storage solutions.

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