How to Accessorize Your Pontoon Boat

Taking a trip out on your pontoon boat is one of the best ways to explore your favorite body of water and spend quality time with your family and friends. These small vessels offer a wealth of potential for recreation, giving you personal access to the open water.

But without the proper add-ons and accessories, you’re missing out on plenty of opportunities for entertainment and ease of access.

There are a wide variety of pontoon boat accessories available to consumers, each offering a unique way to improve your experience on the water. These range from portable add-ons that can provide on-board entertainment to hardware upgrades that really take your vessel to the next level.

To help you get started on your journey to upgrade your vehicle to its highest potential, here are some of the best pontoon boat ideas that you should consider.

Choosing Accessories for Your Pontoon Boat

There are several important factors that are going to strongly influence which pontoon boat accessories are most appropriate for your specific situation.

The main thing you’ll need to consider is the size of your boat. If you own a smaller vessel, don’t go overboard adding excessive unnecessary features if it means there won’t be adequate space for passengers to move around. No one will enjoy your oversized party games if it means they’re cramped in an uncomfortably small area.

Additionally, be mindful of the overall purpose of your boat. If you’re mainly using your pontoon boat for entertainment, then games, lights, and a bar cart would be welcome additions. If you’re more interested in fishing and water recreation, prioritize storage for gear and inner tubes over things like speakers and decorations.

Finally, don’t compromise your budget for an accessory you don’t need. Always try to get the best value out of what you purchase.

Pontoon Boat Ideas to Consider

Now that you’ve taken a moment to consider the primary purpose of your boat, your budgetary limitations, and the space allotted to you, it’s time to figure out what accessories you’ll choose to upgrade your pontoon.

Here are some of the most popular pontoon boat ideas that you might be interested in.

Portable Games

If you want your boat to feel like a private entertainment cruise for you and your guests, why not equip it with some portable party games? These can be for use onboard the vessel while it’s in motion or for use on the beach once you’ve docked. There are plenty of options, from pong tables to cornhole sets to volleyball nets and more!

Additional Storage

On a relatively small vessel like a pontoon boat, storage is always a concern. So why not make some improvements to your vehicle’s storage capacity?

Fishing rod holders are a great option to safely stow away your fishing gear. You can also find storage expansions for safety gear like life vests and fire extinguishers.

Privacy Rooms

Oftentimes, a trip out on the pontoon boat means your guests will inevitably have to change into their swimsuits to go into the water. This can be problematic in mixed groups with no privacy to change clothes.

Luckily, you can equip your vessel with collapsible changing rooms. They can be easily set up to provide your guests with privacy, and then collapsed and stored away when not in use.

Name Display

The most fun part about owning a boat is getting to christen it with a clever name. But what’s the point of coming up with the perfect name if it’s not proudly displayed on the back of the vehicle for everyone to see? Attaching a name display to your vessel is practically a requirement!

Lighting Upgrades

If you’re looking to provide the ultimate party boat experience, you’re going to need some cool lighting features. Below deck LED lights are widely available and provide a striking atmosphere, especially at night. With this add-on, you can light up the water with fun colors as you cruise and listen to music with your friends.

Green docklight on pontoon boat

Decorative Prints

If a plain white exterior isn’t your vibe, you have plenty of options to give your vehicle some more personality. Vinyl graphics can be attached to the side of the pontoon to decorate it with pops of color or intricate patterns. There are plenty of options to choose from, so you’ll be sure to find one that perfectly matches the look you’re going for.

Detachable Slides

Many pontoon boat owners love to take their friends out to go swimming in the open water. What better way to make a splash into the sea than by sliding from the side of the boat? Inflatable boat slides provide a fun and compact way to go swimming in style.

Youth Seating

Do you have young children that you’d like to bring out on the water for a day of family fun? A baby boat seat is the perfect accessory to ensure that they are safe and comfortable on the journey. These fixtures are similar to car seats but are made of materials that are safe for water travel.

Sound System

For the full party boat experience, music is an absolute must, and you need a competent sound system that can really achieve the right vibe. If this is a priority for you, consider upgrading your built-in speakers to maximize the party atmosphere. Avalon offers upgrades to the sound system on your pontoon boat such as the Fusion Premium 8.8” canisters, or if you are looking for something comprehensive, look into the Premium XL Sound Package with six individual speakers, digital amplifiers and subwoofers. In addition to the sound system, you can also get additional upgrades such as aux inputs, USB ports and wireless remotes.

High-performance sound system package with Fusion RA-670 receiver, (6) blue lighted XS speakers, 6-channel amp, 10″ subwoofer & USB audio input and charge

Bar Cart

You can’t entertain guests out on the water without offering them a refreshing beverage. With a boat-approved bar caddy, you’ll have no trouble keeping everyone’s drinks in one place.

This accessory fits securely into the vessel’s existing fishing rod holders, so it won’t slide around during your voyage and spill all over the deck.

Towable Tubes

If you’re looking for thrills and fun experiences on the open water, why not get some towable inflatables to attach to the back of your boat? That way, your guests can recline in style as you safely tow them around.

Dog Ramp

If you have some four-legged friends that you want to make sure are included on your family excursions, you’ll need to make sure they have a safe way to get in and out of the vehicle.

Dog ramps are the perfect solution. These mini staircases can easily attach and detach from the side of the boat whenever your puppy needs to board.

Boat Cover

A pontoon boat is a big investment, and it’s important that you take care of it properly to preserve its lifespan. It should always be covered when not in use to protect the upholstery and other features from the elements.

Pontoon boat mooring cover

Fire Pit

Did you know you can actually have a fire pit on the deck of your pontoon boat? It’s perfect for keeping your guests warm during a chilly evening out on the sea.

Be sure to read the safety instructions carefully and have a fire extinguisher on board just in case.

Camping Enclosure

If you’re a real outdoorsy type of person, you might be interested in going camping in your pontoon boat. In that case, you’ll definitely need to get a camping enclosure attachment. It will provide you with the ideal shelter while you rest.

Upgrade Your Pontoon Boat Today with Avalon Pontoons!

Now that you’ve had a look through this extensive list of pontoon boat ideas, it’s time to start making some upgrades to your own vehicle! Whether you’re looking to upgrade your vessel’s hardware or just add a few simple entertainment options on board, Avalon Pontoons has what you need.

Check out our collection and start making improvements to your pontoon boat today!

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