How Much Does a Pontoon Boat Weigh?

The average weight of a pontoon boat is one of the most important questions you’ll ask before purchasing a boat. If you plan on successfully towing your pontoon using a trailer, you need to know the boat’s and trailer’s weight. Understanding this helps you figure out if your vehicle has the power to transport everything you may need.

The average weight of a pontoon boat is around 2,200 lbs, but this number varies depending on the width, length, and motor size. And that’s only when talking about the dry weight of the boat.

Read on for a full rundown on pontoon boat weight and the many different considerations you should keep in mind when purchasing a new pontoon.

Dry Weight, Package Weight, and Max Weight Capacity

There are three weights you’ll want to account for: dry, package and max weight capacity. Each weight will be different, and will inform your decision in different ways.

Dry Weight

A pontoon’s dry weight is the weight of the boat with an empty gas tank and nothing on it. You may occasionally see this listed as the hull weight.

This statistic makes it easy to compare boats to each other, though you’ll still need to know the other weights.

You’ll sometimes see the term wet weight thrown around. This refers to the dry number plus a full fuel tank. The size of fuel tanks can vary, but 30 gallons of gas weigh about 185 lbs or 83 kg.

Package Weight

Package weight is the combination of the boat and the trailer. This is a very important number because this is the amount your vehicle will be towing to the lake every week!

Best practice is to have 2,500 lbs more towing power than you need. This will make it easier and safer to make turns, go up hills, and drive during high winds.

Max Weight Capacity

Max weight capacity is a different kind of number. This is the amount of weight that your pontoon boat can safely carry. While there are some complicated mathematical calculations you can carry out to determine it, it’s far easier to check your owner’s manual.

Cruising boats will generally be able to carry slightly more weight than a fishing boat of the same size. However, this is just a rule of thumb.

You may also hear the term “total weight.” As you might expect, this is just the weight of the boat plus everything on it.

The Risks Involved with an Overweight Pontoon

There are a lot of consequences from an overweight pontoon. At the less serious end, you could find yourself with a hefty ticket for having an overloaded boat. It can also lead to slower speeds and sluggish turns.

Suppose you have an accident or make an insurance claim for an incident that happened when your pontoon was overloaded. In that case, the company will likely invalidate your claim and could increase your premiums.

The worst thing that could happen, of course, is that your boat could sink or tip over, ruining your things and putting your passengers in danger.

Weight of Different Avalon Models

Each different pontoon boat model offered by Avalon will vary in weight, depending on the different purposes and sizes of each model. It’s important to fully understand the different factors of each model before deciding, and weight is one of the more important factors.

*The list of models is a selection of popular models estimated using different sizes. This is only meant to be used as an example of the average weight that can be expected by model. For a complete set of details on weights for all pontoon boat models, browse the Avalon Catalog.

Pontoon Boat Model Dry Weight Max Weight Capacity
Excalibur Elite Windshield 27” 5,000 3,160
Catalina Platinum Funship 27” 4,200 3,070
Waketoon 3,142 2,815
Venture 85 Cruise 25” 2,800 2,582
Catalina Quad Lounger 25” 2,650 2,675
LSZ Quad Lounger 25” 2,250 2,550
GS Quad Fish 25” 2,150 2,150

Other Key Considerations

The length of the pontoon, the size of its motor, the boat accessories, and what it’s designed for all affect the weight.


There are no official classes of pontoon boats, so all the sizes here are approximate. Entertaining boats are generally slightly heavier than fishing boats of the same length, though this excludes any extra fishing accessories. There are many different considerations you need to make when deciding on the right boat size for your needs.


Small pontoon boats generally range between 12 and 19 feet. Dry weights here are generally between 1,000 and 2,000 pounds.


Pontoons of this size generally range between 20 and 35 feet, and most range from 2,000 to 2,500. There’s a great variation in weights here, though.

Most luxury pontoons fall into this category and are heavier due to using higher quality woods and materials. These can be up to 1,000 pounds heavier!


Large pontoons over 35 feet are generally the domain of tour companies; very few owners buy these boats for personal use. As you can imagine, these are heavy boats weighing up to 8,000 pounds.

Motor Size

Your motor size can vary greatly, depending on how you want to use your pontoon. Motors can range between 50 and 200 lbs.

Bigger boats will need bigger motors, of course, but a boat’s captain may just like a little extra speed.

Trolling motors are a must for most fishermen. These motors will let you cross waterways hands-free but will add another 50 lbs to your boat.


Customizing a pontoon boat is fun, but these fun extras also add weight to your boat. This is especially true with regard to fishing accessories.

Fishing chairs, rod racks, tackle boxes, and navigation equipment can add up fast.

Even if you’re using your boat for cruising, furniture, coolers, or water toys; all of these items add weight. Make sure to include these things in your calculations before you decide how many people to invite for a sail.

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