Double Decker Pontoon Boat: Are Two Decks Better Than One?

The ultimate watercraft for entertainment and space, double decker pontoons take luxurious multi-level living from homes to the open water. Read on as we break down the pros and cons to help you decide.

Tired of overcrowded days on the water with nowhere to lounge in comfort? Don’t worry – you have options. Take a look at the following pros and cons to help you decide whether a double decker suits your needs.

Key Takeaways

The Upsides: 3 Pros to Going Double Decker

From a roomy upper deck to expansive floorplans that sleep a crowd, double decker pontoons unlock game-changing space for your on-water lifestyle.

1. Double the Space for Entertaining and Storage

Massive interiors mean there’s room for everyone to lounge in comfort on day trips while overnight excursions feel downright spacious.

2. Innovative Multi-Level Layouts

Take the entertainment possibilities to the next level with wet bars, waterslides, rear galleys with grills, and lavish furniture. Hybrid designs give you all the space and versatility to customize the setup based on the day’s adventure. If you’re in the market for new pontoon boats for sale that can accommodate your desired amenities and activities, be sure to browse the latest models from reputable manufacturers.

3. Improved Stability

An ultra-wide and dual hull setup results in a rock-solid ride that handles swells and leans into turns with confidence, inspiring stability.

Potential Downsides: 3 Cons to Consider

Double decker pontoons may float your boat, but weigh the increased costs and handling considerations before taking the plunge.

1. Added Upfront and Maintenance Costs

Expect to invest 15-20% more compared to deck boats or traditional pontoons. You’ll also pay more for cleaning, winterizing, storage, and eventual repairs.

2. Trickier Handling

Improper weight distribution affects steering, while wind resistance goes up. New captains should ready themselves for the learning curve.

3. Access Challenges

Climbing between decks may prove difficult for pets, small children, and some adults. Evaluate layouts and safety features on rails if this is a concern.

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Spotlight: Avalon's Double Decker Lineup

Want to lounge all day on a pontoon sun deck with your friends? For families seeking the best aspects of luxury cruisers and versatile double decker pontoon boats in one package, Avalon models like the Catalina Cruise Funship and the Entertainer Funship double deck pontoons check every box and give you all the space you need.
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Both models incorporate Avalon’s signature pontoon-hull design for superior stability and performance, along with top-of-the-line audio systems and mood lighting to set the perfect ambiance day or night.

Whether you’re looking to entertain a crowd or enjoy a relaxing getaway with family and friends, Avalon’s Cruise Funship and Entertainer Funship double decker pontoons offer the ultimate in comfort, style, and versatility on the water. With spacious layouts, premium amenities, and unmatched attention to detail, these boats are designed to exceed your expectations and help you create unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime.


Like a dream home enlarged to navigate endless horizons, double decker pontoons unlock game-changing space for the boating lifestyle.

So are two decks better than one after all? For boaters yearning to live large with family and friends all aboard doing fun activities, double deck pontoons like those from Avalon are absolutely worth their benefits.

Where single level cruisers must compromise luxury for capacity, double deckers need not choose thanks to intelligent bi-level layouts. The only compromise left is how soon you’ll get your boat out on the water! With decade-spanning durability wrapped in style, that pivotal moment draws nearer by the minute.

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