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“How to Pontoon” Videos

1. Preparing Your Trailer

Take a walk around your pontoon trailer with Jim Wolf, President & CEO of Avalon. In this video, you’ll learn the top things to look for when preparing to tow your boat.

2. Trailering Your Pontoon

Learn the top safety and driving tips to use when you’re trailering a new high-performance pontoon.

3. Preparing to Launch Your Pontoon

This video will walk you through the steps of prepping your boat before launch.

4. How to Launch

Let’s launch a pontoon! Watch as Jim and Dalton back their boat into the water. Jim also shares expert tips for safely launching your pontoon and starting a great day on the water.

5. How to Do an Equipment Safety Check

Do you have all the required safety equipment on your pontoon boat? Stay safe and avoid Coast Guard penalties by checking your vessel for these top safety equipment needs before going out on the water.

6. How to Use Your Avalon Pontoon’s Dashboard Controls

Come aboard a 2017 Catalina RJ and learn how to use the different buttons and controls for an optimal day of pontooning. This video walks you through each toggle switch, best practices for controlling the bimini top, as well as providing a sneak peak of Catalina’s optional under-floor ski locker.

7. How to Throttle and Engine Trim a Pontoon

Find out what “trimming a motor” means and best practices for controlling the throttle and engine trim on a luxury pontoon boat.

8. How to Accelerate and Turn

This video will guide you through the process of speeding up and turning your boat. Jim demonstrates what boat captains need to do to keep their passengers and boats safe.