The 7 Best Tubes for Boating

Sure, it’s great to be on the water in your pontoon boat. But on a hot summer day, nothing beats getting a towable tube out for some extra fun.


Kids may love getting some speed and air on a sporty tube. Adults may want to lay back and chill out with their libation of choice. No matter what your tubing style is, there’s one for you.

#1 - Radar Edge 2

Compact and reasonably priced, the Radar Edge 2 is a great first-time tube for pontoon owners. This tube can hold three riders lying on their stomachs and features a curved front. Two flared wings coming off the sides give it the look of a playful manta ray jumping out of the water.


The wings aren’t just for style, though. They also help provide a bit more security to riders, which is great because things can get a little intense in the Radar Edge 2. The bottom is slightly convex, allowing the tube to bounce and skid along the surface of the waves.


With only one inflatable bladder and one valve to worry about, the Radar Edge is also easy to take out and put away. Other tubes may have more bells and whistles, but it’s a great all-arounder and definitely one of the best tubes for boating.

#2 - Jobe Sea-Esta

Sometimes, you want a crazy ride on top of the waves. Other times, you just want to kick back with the beverage of your choice. The Jobe Sea-Esta is the perfect towable tube for anyone looking to stretch out and relax on the water.


This tube can fit three and offers 12 handles that allow passengers to ride either prone or seated. A retractable cabana shade, backrests, and cup holders allow for a ride that feels almost decadent. On shore, this tube can double as a cabana for quiet time and afternoon naps.


This towable tube might not be as big a hit with the kids or grandkids, but adults will love the chill vibes.

#3 - WOW Sports Mega Ducky

If you need to entertain a crowd on your pontoon, look no further than the WOW Sports Mega Ducky. This waterfowl has a maximum capacity of five riders. The back row of three features high backrests and sidewalls – great for kids new to tubing or for anyone else who wants to feel secure.


Don’t fret that this duck might be too sedate, though. This sporty tube can really catch some air! And it has two tow points: front and back.


Back at the dock, the Mega Ducky can do double duty as a floating island. And though it’s large, a speed valve helps you inflate and deflate this towable tube fast. If you need to entertain a crowd, it’s one of the best tubes for boating.

#4 - HO Neo 3

The HO Neo 3 looks a bit like an inflatable bathtub. But don’t be mistaken – this inflatable can give a really wild ride!


This towable tube has room for three seated passengers and offers handles on the sides and interior. What’s really cool is the tube’s mesh bottom that allows riders to both see and feel the water beneath them. Talk about getting close to action!


This tube can get both serious speed and some fun air – it’s great for passengers who want a more thrilling ride.

The unique structure of the Neo 3 also makes it lighter than other towable tubes of similar size. Blow-up barriers inside the tube make it a bit trickier to inflate but also provide a more stable ride.

#5 - Connolly Racer 2

If you want a thrill ride that’s capable of some high speeds on calm waters, look no further than the Connolly Racer 2. This inflatable holds two seated passengers and has a backrest, but no real exterior walls to speak of. This sporty tube lets riders feel really close to the action.


The sleek style of the tube doesn’t have much in the way of cushioning, which can lead to a bumpy ride on choppy waters. That may be appealing to some but not as fun for others.


It’s on calm waters that the Racer 2 really shines, though. The flat bottom allows it to achieve some impressive speeds while skimming on top of the water.

#6 - Airhead Hot Dog Towable Tube

The Airhead Hot Dog is a three-person, banana-style tube. It features three large handles as three seat cushions that help keep the riders stable. It also features a design that’s a lot of fun – who wouldn’t want to ride on top of a hot dog?


Banana-style tubes are especially good for pontoon boats – they don’t require much speed to get going. Nervous riders may also feel more secure straddling a tube rather than sitting on top of it.


This style of towable tubes may not get as much air or be quite as thrilling as other types, but they tend to be less expensive and easier to maintain. A Kwik connect tow point and Boston valve on the main chamber help make the Airhead Hot Dog easy to take out and put away.

#7 - WOW Sports Unicorn Towable

WOW Sports is great for whimsical and playful towable tubes. Their other entry on this list of the best tubes for boating was the Mega Ducky, and now we have the WOW Sports Unicorn Towable.


This unicorn towable fits two riders seated banana-style. Though the tube is easy to board and the handles are well-placed for kids, the max weight capacity of 340 lbs allows two adults to ride comfortably.


The design is very stable on the water, providing a fun ride without too many bumps. And when it’s time to put the tube away, a speed valve makes it quick and easy.

Summertime Fun in Pontoon Boats

Tubing in a waketoon pontoon boat.

Towable tubes are a relatively inexpensive way to have even more fun with your pontoon boat. What says summertime more than hanging out and playing on the water?


Just like there’s an inflatable for every style, there’s a pontoon boat for every aspiring captain. From fishing to parties to family time, there’s a boat out there for you.


Take a look at our floor plans here, and get ready for next summer!

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