Low On Docking Space? Our Small Pontoon Boats Have Your Back

Are you dreaming of leisurely days on the water with the whole family but worried about fitting a boat in your limited storage or docking space? Small pontoon boats offer all the comfort of a larger boat but combine compact size with easy handling.

Imagine cruising through narrow waterways and secluded coves with ease, all while enjoying the stability and comfort of a pontoon boat. With a small pontoon boat, this dream becomes a reality.

We’ll uncover the unique advantages these compact vessels offer and why they have become increasingly popular among boating enthusiasts with limited storage or docking space.

Key Takeaways

Compact Design, Big Benefits

Say goodbye to the hassle of finding ample storage space or paying for expensive marina fees! One of the most significant advantages of small pontoon boats is their compact design. These boats are engineered to maximize space efficiency without compromising on essential features. With lengths ranging from 15 to 19 feet, our small pontoon boats can easily fit in most garages, driveways, or small boat slips.

Easy Handling and Maneuverability

Small pontoon boats offer exceptional handling and maneuverability that make them a joy to operate. The compact size, combined with their lightweight construction, results in a vessel that is highly maneuverable and agile on the water. Whether you’re a seasoned boater or a novice, you’ll appreciate the effortless steering and control these boats provide.

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Feature-Rich and Comfortable

One of the standout features of small pontoon boats is their spacious and well-appointed seating areas. These boats are designed to maximize comfort, offering marine-grade upholstery that invites you to sit back, relax, and soak in the stunning surroundings. Small pontoon boats often come equipped with a range of creature comforts that enhance your on-water experience. Some models feature premium sound systems with the Bronze sound package, allowing you to set the perfect soundtrack for your adventures.

Choosing the Right Small Pontoon Boat

Whether you’re an avid angler or simply looking for a relaxing retreat on a small lake, there’s a compact pontoon boat that’s perfect for you. Avalon Pontoons offers an impressive lineup of versatile vessels that cater to different lifestyles and priorities, all under 20 feet.

Venture Cruise - 15, 17, or 19 Feet

The Venture Cruise is a luxurious and well-appointed small pontoon boat that offers all the amenities you need for a memorable day on the water. With its spacious seating area, two sundecks, and privacy station, this boat is designed for ultimate relaxation and entertainment. Its smooth ride ensures that you and your passengers can enjoy the journey in complete comfort.

Venture Bow Fish - 15, 17, or 19 Feet

For those who prioritize fishing, the Venture Bow Fish is an excellent and affordable choice. This small pontoon boat is designed with anglers in mind with its baitwell. It also offers comfortable seating and plenty of room for your fishing buddies, ensuring that everyone can enjoy a fun-filled day of angling and camaraderie.

Venture 85 Cruise II - 19 Feet

If you’re looking for a small pontoon boat that offers the ultimate in versatility and performance, the Venture 85 Cruise II is a top contender. This innovative boat can adapt to any on-water activity. With its roomy layout and customizable options, it can be configured to suit your specific needs, whether you’re cruising, fishing, or enjoying water sports.

When choosing the right small pontoon boat, consider factors like size, capacity, and ease of maintenance. Avalon Pontoons’ Venture and Venture 85 pontoons offer a range of sizes and seating configurations to accommodate different group sizes and preferences, and these boats are constructed with high-quality materials and designed for easy upkeep.


In a world where space is often at a premium and the desire for outdoor adventures is stronger than ever, a compact pontoon boat emerges as the ultimate solution for those seeking to embrace the freedom and joy of boating.

These versatile vessels offer a perfect balance of comfort, functionality, and ease of use, making them the ideal choice for a wide range of on-water activities so you can comfortably enjoy your next excursion off the shore. If you’re looking for a compact and maneuverable pontoon boat that doesn’t compromise on features and comfort, a small pontoon boat might be the perfect choice for you. With their space-saving design, easy handling, and ample amenities like comfortable pontoon boat seats, these boats offer a delightful on-water experience.

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