Tips for Buying a New Pontoon Boat

There are many factors to consider when choosing the right pontoon boat.  A boat is a large investment, and it is important to consider many factors before making a purchase.  There are pontoon boats available for every activity and any budget.  Here we offer tips for buying a new pontoon boat and take you through the most important questions to ask yourself as you try and find the best pontoon boat for you and your family.


What activities do I want to use my boat for?

Pontoon boats can be designed for many different activities.  Are you mainly interested in fishing?  Do you want a party boat for entertaining?  Do you want a fast boat for skiing or tubing?  All of the above?  Regardless of your needs, there are options available for you.


A good fishing pontoon may include features like fishing chairs, built-in tackle boxes, fish finders and live wells.  Avalon offers several models specifically for fishing.  Our most affordable Eagle Fish model, and our more luxurious Catalina Fish.

Party Boats

If you imagine yourself cruising and partying with friends, you’ll want a pontoon boat designed with plenty of seating, tables, or even a bar.  Avalon’s Entertainer floor plan is built for just that.  Whether you choose our most affordable Catalina Entertainer or our top-of-the-line Ambassador Entertainer, you’ll have plenty of room and amenities for your guests.


Many people are looking for the luxury and comfort of a pontoon boat with the performance of a speed boat.  At Avalon, we specialize in pontoon boats designed for skiing, tubing or wakeboarding.  Avalon’s Waveglider High Performance System is available on all boats, and offers many options including our watersports package for ultimate performance.

Pleasure Cruising

We offer a wide array of pleasure cruising models for those of you who find yourself taking a nightly sunset cruise. Have all of your friends join you on the luxurious Ambassador Rear J Lounge, a model with unmatched seating capacity.


Do I need a boat for calm or rough water?

Next, you will want to consider where you’ll be doing most of your boating.  Standard pontoon boats are ideal for inland lakes.  If your boat is going to be consistently exposed to very rough water, you should consider this before purchase.  Avalon offers a special rough water package in addition to its Waveglider system.  We add extra welding and heavy duty riser components for function and stability.


Should I buy a new or used boat?

We recommend shopping for new boats first.  You can view all available models and options before looking at what is available used.  You should keep in mind any warranty information before choosing between new and used.  Often, there are new boats available that are just as affordable as used.  Our Eagle models are a good example.  If you are interested in a used boat, be sure to check out our Tips for Buying a Used Pontoon Boat page before buying.


When is the best time to buy?

The truth is that great deals can be found all year long.  Often, dealers will have year-end specials as newer model boats come to market.  You can also find dealer specials by attending boat shows.  In the end, the best time to buy is whenever you’re ready.  Keep in mind that you may want to take a safe boating course before you’re ready to hit the water.