Select The Perfect Pontoon Boat

Please view our selection of 2015 Pontoon Boat Models listed below. When choosing the right pontoon boat, the main considerations to take into account should be how rough the water typically is where the boat will be used, how many people would you like to have on board at any one time, and what activities you are interested in. The smaller 14’ and 16’ models are ideal for calm water where the larger models remain comfortable in heavier waters with cross wakes. Please refer to each model’s specifications for the recommended maximum number of people and weight. Be sure to take the engine power into consideration if you intend to enjoy activities such as tubing and water skiing.If you are having trouble locating a particular model, please fill out our Locate a Boat form.


Avalon Paradise is legendary for giving its owner a distinct pride of ownership. Built on the strongest heavy duty frame & equipped with pillow top furniture this luxury pontoon boat is the only one in its class with beautiful ATI Deco 1 seamless automotive style walls made of solid aluminum.

Paradise Cruise/Elite

Avalon's Paradise is praised for it's magnificent blend of form and function. The industry’s strongest pontoon hull is the foundation for the retro styling and plush furnishings.

Price Range:

$43,371.45 to $49,339.80

Paradise Cruise/Elite Pontoon Boat

Paradise Quad Lounge

The most luxurious Quad Lounge floorplan available. 2 aft and 2 forward sunbathing lounges let you catch the sun from any angle on the Paradise Quad Lounge.

Price Range:

$40,095 to $56,277.45

Paradise Quad Lounge Pontoon Boat

Paradise DRL

A luxurious interior featuring a double-wide rear facing lounge that is the perfect spot to snuggle close, share a glass of wine and enjoy a beautiful sunset.

Price Range:

$47,892.60 to $50,014.80

Paradise DRL Pontoon Boat

Paradise Funship

Have the best of family fun every weekend on the Paradise Funship. Loaded with standard features to make a day on the water complete.

Price Range:

$61,797.60 to $75,154.50

Paradise Funship Pontoon Boat


Expect the finest experience from the Top of the line Windjammer. Look close and see how Windjammer excels above the rest with its Sleek revolutionary Deco 2 two tone wall design, industry best construction, plush and durable Matrix 50 interior, and full compliment of the features that will exceed your expectations.

Windjammer Cruise/Elite

Featuring our Captain level fiberglass driver’s cockpit with automotive styling, built in LED enhanced dock lights, stunning two tone walls, and more!

Price Range:

$30,478.96 to $58,394.26

Windjammer Cruise/Elite Pontoon Boat

Windjammer Rear Lounge

A luxurious rear lounge model with plush power adjustable seat backs! Featuring a fiberglass drivers stand with wood grain dash, mooring cover, and twin rear ladders.

Price Range:

$34,461.45 to $41,832.45

Windjammer Rear Lounge Pontoon Boat

Windjammer Quad Lounge

A comfortable spot for everyone in our all new Windjammer Quad Lounge. Enjoy extra rear storage in our all new fiberglass rear seat base that adds that luxurious yacht look to the boat.

Price Range:

$32,961.60 to $37,257.30

Windjammer Quad Lounge Pontoon Boat

Windjammer Fish

Fishing & cruising has never been combined better than the Windjammer Fish series. Choose from layouts that include fishing chairs, lockable rod box, tackle box, color fish finder, and live-wells.

Price Range:

$30,599.10 to $36,312.30

Windjammer Fish Pontoon Boat

Windjammer Funship

The most affordable water park model anywhere! Enjoy all the Windjammer Funship features including the slide, huge sunbathing area & our Waveglider™ system for a complete do-everything Funship!

Price Range:

$41,756 to $45,732.60

Windjammer Funship Pontoon Boat


Catalina provides the luxury and beauty of Avalon's Deco design with the custom features you desire. This exceptional Mid Range model offers you Avalon's Sleek, clearly distinct, Deco 3 wall design , alomg with industry leading construction and Plush Matrix 50 furnishings.

Catalina Cruise

Find fun and excitement in this simpler, top quality Deco inspired pontoon boat. Catalina’s top end looks will make its affordability surprise you.

Price Range:

$35,910.65 to $51,622.26

Catalina Cruise Pontoon Boat

Catalina DRL

In addition to lots of traditional seating, Catalina DRL has a huge double wide rear lounge so lots of people can gather and talk, ride, relax and sunbathe.

Price Range:

$25,569 to $31,114.80

Catalina DRL Pontoon Boat

Catalina Quad Lounge

Lay out in the sun anywhere you'd like in the spacious interior with two aft and two forward sunbathing lounges.

Price Range:

$27,966.60 to $32,329.80

Catalina Quad Lounge Pontoon Boat

Catalina Entertainer

This pontoon island has its own fiberglass bistro bar with four bar stools and a Bluetooth stereo to create your favorite ambiance while entertaining.

Price Range:

$28,134 to $33,814.80

Catalina Entertainer Pontoon Boat

Catalina Fish

If your fishing doesn't require a lot of complication the Catalina Fish models are for you. This spacious 8.5’ wide craft is offered in two layouts and is easy to haul to your favorite fishing spot.

Price Range:

$24,186.60 to $35,387.50

Catalina Fish Pontoon Boat


The Luxury Compact 8' wide LS model is the family boat even for those who have to travel to the water! This affordable, luxurious, easy to use, easy to trailer model is available in a multitude of interior layouts that include Deco 4 wall design, matrix 50 interior and rigid structure.


GS models offer the best value Pontoon boat anywhere. No corners are cut as this model also features Avalon's exclusive rigid structure & Matrix 50 interior, in a traditional design with a Full gauge panel and stereo. You can expect years of durable use and unexpected features at an affordable price.

GS Cruise

Have room for everyone with this affordable, high-quality, four lounge version.

Price Range:

$12,888.45 to $20,102.85

GS Cruise Pontoon Boat

GS Fish

This versatile GS layout allows for fishing, sunbathing, or just relaxing anywhere on the boat. The GS QF pontoon is the most affordable fish model available.

Price Range:

$13,698.45 to $20,102.85

GS Fish Pontoon Boat


It hard to believe you can have Avalon's luxury, rigid structure, plush interior with the added excitement of Deco flair all in the 7' wide luxury compact line! Choose the best in trailerable, easy to use pontoon boats from 14' to 18' ft lengths in a variety of interiors.


The Eagle is the perfect boat for small lakes, small gas or electric motors, easy hauling, and sunset cruises for 2 or 4. America's best economical pontoon boat is the Eagle.

Price Range:

$11,909.70 to $18,685.35

Eagle Pontoon Boat

Eagle Fish

The Eagle is the perfect boat for small lakes, small gas or electric motors, easy hauling, and sunset cruises for 2 or 4. America's best economical pontoon boat is the Eagle.

Price Range:

$11,909.70 to $18,685.35

Eagle Fish Pontoon Boat


The beautiful LSZ Pontoon has the luxurious design and rigid structure you expect from an Avalon deco inspired model. Avalon's clearly distinct, Deco 4 wall design and unique accents along with the Retro looks of the Cadet drivers stand give this boat high end looks at an affordable price .


Avalon's Ambassador pontoon boats are the top of the line, offering high end features and retro inspired design. Ambassador models all provide space for lounging and entertaining and are built on the industry's highest quality pontoon deck construction. Pontoon boats don't get more luxurious than this.

Ambassador Rear Lounge

Ambassador is the most revolutionary rear lounge model available. Featuring our award winning wall construction that creates a seamless automotive style look.

Price Range:

$58,827.60 to $77,314.50

Ambassador Rear Lounge Pontoon Boat

Ambassador Rear J Lounge

Ambassador is the most revolutionary pontoon boat available. Featuring a whole new idea in wall construction that creates a seamless automotive style look.

Price Range:

$59,772.60 to $78,259.50

Ambassador Rear J Lounge Pontoon Boat

Ambassador Entertainer

Our bistro equipped Entertainer model features an all new top of the line bar with 4 comfortable luxury stools and will be sure to fulfill all of your needs while out on the water.

Price Range:

$61,055.10 to $74,412.01

Ambassador Entertainer Pontoon Boat