2014 Avalon Luxury Pontoon Boats - page 45

Turning Package
Some high-performance options are available factory installed only!
Enjoy maximum performance, sharper turns,
higher lift, and more speed by equipping
your craft with the 5X7 High Performance
Turning Package. The 5X7 package includes
the Waveglider
triple pontoons with exclusive lifting fins PLUS an upgrade to a
27" center pontoon, Waveshield, ski tow bar, and electric power assist steering!
To add 5x7 performance to your Ambassador model just add the 27" center pontoon
and power assist steering to the already standard waveglider package. (Funship models
are already equipped with triple 27" pontoons and therefore are not available as 5x7).
Express Center High
Performance Pontoon
Get more out of your standard twin pontoon by
equipping it with the Express Center
pontoon. The Express pontoon is a
compact length center pontoon
equipped with our Exclusive HPP
lifting fins. Placed in front of the
motor pod, this pontoon provides for
more stability, more speed, and better
turning than the standard twin
pontoon setup.
Power Assist Steering – Add power
assist steering to give your boat even
better handling and turning
capability – requires upgrade to
Sea Star Hydraulic steering
In Floor Storage Compartment – factory
installed only in center pontoon models
Performance Options
Rough Water Package (factory installed only for Waveglider
and 5 X 7) –
suggested when boat is going to be consistently exposed to very rough
water. Adds extra welding and extreme duty riser components
Aluminum Waveshield (factory installed only) – prevents water from hitting
crossbeams and underside of deck while underway
Watersports Options
Ski Tow Bar
– allows convenient towing for skiers and tubes
Decosport™ Waterski/Wakeboard Tower
– 8.5' wide only (with optional
canvas top) provides preferred elevation of the ski pylon for wakeboarders
and advanced skiers.*
Tower Options
a. High power speakers with microphone
b. Spotlight
c. Tower racks (four pieces – two sides)
*Please follow all safety rules when towing watersports equipment. Do not overload ski tow bar or Waterski/wakeboard tower.
For great lift and increased weight capacity at lower cost, try the
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