You won’t have to deal with mildew or fungus with Avalon’s exclusive Flo Thru VentilationTM Seating. Unlike plastic seating, our exclusive aluminum seat frames have external and internal air flow that dries out the seat compartments while moving and even when the boat is stored!

Our exclusive aluminum seat frames have 30 percent more storage than conventional plastic seat frames. Try putting all this in plastic seat storage!

Avalon’s exclusive Matrix 50 heavy-duty 50 gauge marine seat covering with a 24 percent substructure is tested strongest against tears and punctures.

■ New Herringbone multi-directional stretch backing promotes quicker recovery

■ Greater stitch strength

■ Permaguard stain protection

Avalon’s Unique suspension seat cushions provide soft comfortable cushions that don’t bottom out on a hard support surface.

Heavy duty, stylishly designed, seat frame cladding eliminates fabric covering and provides a vented, beautiful accent to Avalon’s Deco designs.

Plug N Play electrical connections

Heavy Duty Rub Rail with Rubber Bumper

Heavy duty Deck corner protection

One Piece nose cone has heavy duty double wrapped, double thickness .200 leading edge.

Integrated nose cone splash fins cannot be broken off! Fins have welded edge guard.

Exclusive side protector keel – protects pontoon from side impact at docks, provides a spray diversion, and makes pontoon structure stronger.

Strongest bow eye connected to 3 crossbeams

Solid frame includes double solid full risers and double bolted motor pod all connected with double bolted hat channel crossbeams plus bow and stern .250 U bars.